Computer Design – Summer 2013

Course No: 0907432
Course Name: Computer Design

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  • Course Syllabus (pdf)
  • Slides:
  • Course Introduction (ppp)
  • Technology Trends and Performance (ppt)
  • Pipelining and Instruction Level Parallelism (ppt)
  • Handling Exceptions (ppt)
  • Large and Fast: Exploiting Memory Hierarchy (ppt)
  • Storage and Other IO Topics (ppt)
  • MTTF Example (ppp)
  • Multicores, Multiprocessors, and Clusters (ppt)


  • Quiz 1 (pdf), Midterm exam (pdf), Quiz 2 (pdf)


  • Marks Quiz 1 and the midterm exam. Also included the number of absents as of Jul 9, 2013. Warnings for too many absents are marked in red (pdf)

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