Embedded Systems – Fall 2011

Course No: 0907333
Course Name: Embedded Systems



Grades and Attendance:

  • Grades (updated 3/1/2012) and attendance as of 15/12/2011 (pdf).
  • Grades as entered in the electronic grades submission systems (Section 2, Section 3)

Last update on 3/1/2012, 1:57 pm.

27 Responses to Embedded Systems – Fall 2011

  1. mahmoud oyhman says:

    دكتور اذا في مجال تنزل الامثلة اللي شرحتهم في آخر محاضرة.
    ولك الشكر.

  2. doctor gheith I open the file and there is no grades of quiz 2 only old grades of quiz1

    • Gheith Abandah says:

      Dear Ahmad,
      Press Ctrl+F5 to refresh your browser and see the updated grades.

  3. sireen qadiri says:

    dr.ghaith emta ra7 yenzalo 3alamat el mid ??

  4. noor says:

    Dr.Ghaith , I just want to ask when the mid-term exam’s grades will be posted?
    thank you…

  5. Odai says:

    can you give us the 3rd Quiz in this week ?

  6. Reem says:

    Dr. Geith,
    I just wanted to ask what chapters the third quiz will be in, and for section 9:30-11 whether the quiz will be on Monday or Wednesday?

    • Gheith Abandah says:

      Dear Reem,

      Quiz 3 will be on the material we took after the midterm exam to the last lecture.
      Section 2 quiz will be on Tuesday (13/12/2011)
      Section 3 quiz will be on Wednesday (14/12/2011)



  7. sanaa says:

    مساء الخير دكتور غيث
    اريد ان استفسر عن الكويز الثالث هل علاماته من 10 اي انه لا يوجد كويز اخير؟؟
    ولك جزيل الشكر

  8. sireen qadiri says:

    dr. gheith sa7ee7 eno el final lal embedded sar b 11/1
    tab hak sar 3nde 3 exams in one day :S mo bs ana fe kteer zyee mnazleen nafs el mawad ??

    • Gheith Abandah says:

      Dear Sireen,
      The final exam is currently scheduled on 7/1 at 4:00 pm. If you have three exams in one day, see the Computer Engineering Department.

  9. lina says:

    dr gheith is it true that the final exam is on 11/1 and at what time will it be ??

  10. anas says:

    dr gheith the final exam as i checked on dr iyad’s website is on 9/1 ,but is there any way to make it 12/1 or 11/1?

  11. Muath Atwan says:

    DR. Geith the new date for the exam is 9-1-2012 ,12-2 pm is that right ?

  12. odai says:

    now they change the final from 7 to 9/1 :)

  13. انس says:

    دكتور في قوائم حرمان جديدة ؟

    • Gheith Abandah says:

      لا يوجد قوائم حرمان جديدة
      وتم تحديث علامات الفصل
      وأتمنى لكم التوفيق في الامتحان النهائي

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