Advanced Computer Architecture – Spring 2013

Course No: 0907731

Course Name: Advanced Computer Architecture

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  • Course Syllabus (pdf)
  • Slides:
  • Course Introduction (ppt)
  • Modern and Future Processors (ppt)
  • Technology Trends (ppt)
  • Quantitative Principles (ppt)
  • Pipelining Review (ppt)
  • Research Project Directions (ppt)
  • Instruction Set Principles (ppt)
  • ILP Part I: Compiler Techniques (ppt)
  • ILP Part II: Branch Prediction (ppt)
  • ILP Part III: Dynamic Scheduling (ppt)
  • ILP Part IV: Speculative Execution (ppt)
  • ILP Part V: Multiple Issue (ppt)
  • Limits to ILP (ppt)
  • Thread-Level Parallelism (ppt)
  • Multi-core Processors (ppt)
  • Multiprocessor Introduction (ppt)
  • Snooping Cache Multiprocessors (ppt)
  • Directory Based Multiprocessors (ppt)
  • Memory Hierarchy Review (ppt)
  • Advanced Memory Hierarchy (ppt)
  • Storage Systems (ppt)

Solutions: Midterm Exam (pdf)

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