Embedded Systems – Summer 2012

Course No: 0907333
Course Name: Embedded Systems

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  • Homework 1: Install MPLAB and simulate the execution of the assembly code in this file (Prog_Ex_5_4_asm).  Use single stepping and the watch window to inspect all SFRs and GPRs involved. Note that the delay subroutine runs for many iterations. You can use step out to leave this subroutine and return to the main routine. No submission is required for this homework. Due 21/6/2012.


  • Solution of Quiz 1 given on 20/6/2012: Section 1 (pdf), Section 2 (pdf)
  • Midterm exam solution (pdf)
  • Solution of Quiz 2 given of 22/7/2012: Section 1 (pdf), Section 2 (pdf)

Grades and Attendance:

  • Grades of Quiz 1, Quiz 2, and the midterm exam and the number of absents as of Jul 24, 2012 (pdf)
  • Marks as entered in ACAD: Section 1 (pdf), Section 2 (pdf)

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