Recent Processor Advances Enabling Disruptive Technologies

May 9, 2017: During IEEE – Jordan Sections annual general meeting, Prof. Gheith Abandah delivered a keynote speech titled “Recent Processor Advances Enabling Disruptive Technologies.” This speech overviews the recent advances and trends in developing the processors that power modern servers, computers, tablets, smart phones, and electronic devices. It clarifies how these processors are utilizing the developing semiconductor technologies and the increasing available transistor budgets to achieve higher performance, lower power consumption, and higher integration and efficiency. The talk also delves on the disruption that new applications have on all aspects of life. Modern powerful processors are enabling applications in communications, robotics, automation, and machine learning. Such applications promise higher efficiency and accuracy and better quality of life. However, humanity needs to find solutions for imminent threats like mass elimination of jobs, widening income gaps, and killer robots.

PDF file of this presentation.


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