Amman – A History with Pictures

I have recently read a book by Arslan Ramadan Bakig titled “Amman – A History with Pictures.” This is an excellent book published in 2002. It is an interesting book with a lot of pictures documenting Amman’s history in the twentieth century.

I would like to share with you some of the pictures I like from this book.

1923: Al-Hussieni Grand Mosque; built in place of an ancient Ummayed mosque.

1923: King Talal Street

1920s: Amman’s First Postman

1927: Women in Muhajirin Street

1930: Sa’ada Street; oldest organized street in Amman

1935: King Faisal Street; the street were celebrations took place

1940: Old Municipality Building

1948: A Typical Circassian House

1970s: Traffic-man; نشمي

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  2. Rasha Sheikh says:

    Looks like it has many rare photos. It would be interesting to see photos showing the same places now and then.

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