7-Jar Competition

Last Saturday (2/10/2010), through 7-jar competition, my team solved 7 riddles to discover treasures in Amman. But we made a costly mistake that prevented us from winning. Although there were some organizational problems, I had fun and I do recommend 7-jar.

The competition is very challenging: physically and mentally. The riddles are not specific and not precise which is frustrating and challenging at the same time. You end up visiting multiple places to reach the correct place (treasure). We used many public transportation means, ran several kilometers, walked more than 10 kilometers, climbed long stairs, and drank many bottles of  water. We have visited places we have never been before.

Good experience in Amman, its attractions, and its history is vital to solve the riddles.

I am looking forward for the next one.

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2 Responses to 7-Jar Competition

  1. Diana Nassar says:

    I second every single word of that sir. Having participated in the second edition of this great competition, I’d like to emphasize that this experience grew in me an even greater love for this city and its people. It showed us how extraordinary, diverse, big and small this beautiful city can be. We never imagined ourselves capable of doing all that we did; walking and running that far, accomplishing all tasks, solving all riddles. We thought we knew Amman, but I bet anyone that hasn’t participated in 7-Jar doesn’t know the true Amman, and has yet much to know! I do highly recommend it as well.


  2. Gheith Abandah says:

    Dear Diana,
    I am very glad that you have enjoyed the second edition and that the second edition turned out to be another success.
    Thank you for your contribution and take care,

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